Top 10 Makeup Mistakes You Tend To Make

Top 10 Makeup Mistakes You Tend To Make

Makeup is a magical tool that transforms the way a woman looks. However, this statement is true only when it is applied correctly. An amateur finger can create many wrongs even with the most qualitative and supreme products. Besides being a fashion disaster, such makeup mistakes could turn costly in physical and emotional ways. The last thing a lady would want to achieve is to either look dramatic or unreal. Learn the right techniques and avoid the common makeup mistakes. While there are several such mistakes to watch out for, some of the most fundamental ones are listed below and should definitely be avoided.

1. Applying excess makeup

We often wonder where to draw the line when it comes to makeover. Place and time play a major role in deciding the amount of makeup you need to use. Attending a cocktail dinner will need more makeup than a visit to the neighborhood grocery store. Such simple and distinct differences should taken into account when applying makeup. Never overdo your makeup since this will leave you looking unnatural and fake. Always attempt to achieving a more natural look by toning it down. Remember the essentials and stick to the regime with an under eye concealer, a sweep of gloss or lipstick, a good moisturizer, curling lashes and a quality blush.

2. Using a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone

Having a beautiful skin and the right application technique may not fetch you the look of a Greek goddess if you use the wrong foundation. When you purchase foundation, ensure you get a color that is the closest match to your skin’s to create a flawless look. To arrive at the right color, always choose three shades – one that looks closest, one that is a shade lighter and the other a shade darker than your skin. Draw three lines of each running from your cheek down to your neck and blend all three with your skin and check which blends well over the others. Do this sans makeup to get perfect results.

3.Choosing the wrong products

This is probably the most fundamental tip to consider. Identify your skin type before buying makeup products. Women with dry skin should avoid powder blushes and foundation and opt for creamy formulae. Women having oily and normal skin must choose oil free powders and liquids. Keep reassessing your skin since changes can occur with age, climate and other internal or external factors.

4. Sleeping with makeup on

You may be exhausted at the end of a hectic day but this is no excuse for you to go to bed with makeup. You are not going to get beautiful dreams because of this, rather such a habit may end up creating nightmares! Leaving makeup overnight will clog pores and not allow your skin to breathe freely. Your skin will end up with blemishes and rashes that you could have otherwise avoided.

5. Applying lipstick the wrong way

Lips, for sure, accentuate a woman’s beauty. But when they are artificially enlarged, they may ruin your look altogether. While drawing an outline outside the natural lip line can give you a bigger pout, not many women can pull it off perfectly. Instead, apply gloss or lipstick first and then draw a light line just outside the natural lip line to avoid looking like you’ve just gotten yourself silicone injections.

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