Top 10 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

Top 10 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

Your living room is probably that space where you spend the most amount of time. And it is only but a necessity to follow some decorating ideas for living rooms. Decorating it your style or in a way that pleases you makes you want to stay there longer and also lifts your mood every time you feel low. Listed here are some of the best decorating ideas for living rooms.

1. Introduce new textures to your walls. Textures look bold and outstanding with darker colors. These could be horizontal or vertical stripes, circular patterns or just about any texture that you desire. Textures add depth to the wall and you can even make the wall your signature wall.

2. If you live in a coastal area or if your house has a spectacular view, create pyramid style roofing to add length to the room. Wooden panels can define the ceiling and demonstrate a royal outlook. Have large open windows that let the breeze and view fill your living space.

3. Small living rooms can be offered a sense of space and style by choosing whites or neutral shades like creams or grays. Open out the living room by introducing more windows and complement them with eye catching blinds. Thick and dark colored curtains will render the objective useless in a small room. Few small windows and blinds captivate your eyes and take attention away from your small living space.

4. If you have a beautiful patio or garden, then you can make a seamless blend of your living space and outdoors. Introduce double foldable glass doors instead of walls overlooking the garden. You do not just make your living space expansive but will also take in beautiful sights and scents.

5. For a very contemporary look of your living space, paint your walls in a soft creamy palate. Subsequently, add items with geometric patterns in them. For e.g. circular or oval prints on pictures adorning walls, square shaped lampshades and rectangular patterns on cushion fabric. There are several areas to experiment on and unleash your creativity.

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