Top 10 Anger Management Tips

Top 10 Anger Management Tips

“He lost it while he was presenting a report to his boss, and only after anger left him did it dawn on him that he was fired, and was not entitled to any type of compensation”. This is one of the many scenes that happen in lives of those who do not know how to deal with anger. Here are 10 easy anger management tips to follow if you too are going through anger problem.

1. Look out for warning signs

Train your mind to recognize when you are about to lose your temper. Common signs include sweating, increased breathing rate, inability to focus, talking loudly, tensing up of muscles.

2. Breathe

As soon as you recognize you are getting angry, concentrate on your breath. Breathe deeply. Breathing boosts oxygen supply and relaxes muscles, calms the mind and hence you can let go of anger easily.

3. Stop talking

If it is too late, and you are angry already, walk away and stop talking. Go to your room, or to the washroom, any place where you are alone and would not shout at anyone. Spend some time alone.

4. Keep a squeeze ball or punch bag handy

Take out your anger on a punch bag, or a squeeze ball. If you can, go somewhere where no one can hear you, and scream at the top of your voice. Expression leads to calmness.

5. Headphones in, loud volume, forget the world

When angry, plug in your music player which has Metal songs, and eventually dial down to Rhythm and Blues.

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