To What Extent One Should Allow Money to Guide One’s Life?

To What Extent One Should Allow Money to Guide One’s Life?

The term money seems to mean a lot of things to lot of people. Money is wealth to some, power to some, happiness to some, comfort and control to many others. However, the need for money is inevitable and many things in life seem to revolve around it. Whatever it reflects in your life, the question remains – have you determined to what extent money can be permitted to rule or guide your life?

Over the years, money has assumed several forms before taking over the shape and form of a coin or a piece of paper. Today, it has also assumed the form of plastic. In reality, money stays there and means just that and it is people who relate it with different connotations. While the need for money to satisfy basic physiological essentials cannot be questioned, its role in buying happiness is debatable.

Money means different things to different people. It is often difficult to teach people the value of money and its role in their lives. It is a personal experience. For some, money can buy them relationships but the question of sustainability will remain largely unanswered. Similarly, for some, money can obtain power and all the luxuries in life but for how long will their interest stay intact is something that cannot be concretely addressed.

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