6 Tips To Widen Your Social Circle

Tips To Widen Your Social Circle

It’s a small world, they say. But, is it? There are so many people out there– billions of them, but we cannot know each and every one. Yet, we come across thousands of them all the time. While it’s impossible to be friends with one and all, being friendly and amiable is a ‘feel good’ factor, for as they say, man is a social animal. Here are a few tips that will help you widen your social circle.

1. Help with a smile

If someone is trying to attract your attention and you get positive vibes coming from them, smile back. Even in small ways, we can help others, come to their rescue or willingly stretch forth a hand of friendship. All you need to do is be polite and flaunt a smile. You may, or may not meet these people again, but if you do so, and you’ve shown your sunny side, you could be on your way to having another friend on your list.

2. Flaunt a positive attitude

If you’re married, you’re likely to know more people than the ‘singles’ do. These people include yours as well as your spouse’s relatives, friends, colleagues, and if you have children, the list continues adding in it their friends’ parents. Hey presto! You already know so many people and you’ll keep adding to this list as life progresses. Just keep a welcoming attitude towards every individual who comes across you.

3. Maintain your existing social life

With life’s hustle-bustle and stressful work routines, you sometimes lose contact with people whom you’ve been close to. Slowly, you might move away from helpful contacts and, worse, even friends without any realization. A day may come, when you may feel lonely and miss some of them. It would be worthwhile to keep in touch with your friends, acquaintance and colleagues instead of repenting later.

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