5 Tips to Take the Most Amazing Food Pictures

Tips to Take the Most Amazing Food Pictures

It happens so many times that you have tried a new dish or a new cuisine at a new place, and you want to capture that as a memory. Then there are also those occasions and parties at home when you do a great job, cooking some lovely dishes, and want to flaunt off how well you managed to do it. There are also those times when you’ve cooked for the first time, and are feeling really proud of yourself, so you want to save a snap as a motivation and memory for the rest of your life. For all such moments and many more, it is vital to know of some good food photography tips that make your pictures look more stunning and appealing. Check them out right here.

1. Keep it fresh

Whether you are using raw ingredients or cooked dishes, it is important to keep the food as fresh as possible, so the natural color and consistency stays. Frozen food or stale food never looks appealing to the human eye, so there is no way you can make it look interesting even in photographs.

2. Light well

One of the most important points to note while clicking pictures of food is to light well. Your food has to look bright and interesting, so that it catches the eye and literally makes mouths water. Bright, well-exposed photos are always great.

3. Style well

Styling includes setting of the table and the props around your main dish, as well as styling the main food in question. Professional food stylists use a variety of materials such as oils, edible colors (sometimes fake too, for the purpose of high-level photo shoots), paints, polishes on the food to make it look good. Of course, you can’t consume the food after that! They also use nice table cloths, good cutlery and other interesting props around the main dish for you to get a good composition. Take part in this process actively to ensure that you get great shots.

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