9 Tips To Tackle Smelly Feet

Tips To Tackle Smelly Feet

How many times have people around you have had to turn away every time you remove your shoes or socks? Smelly feet are a major turn off for anyone and if you want to keep away from the problem; here’s what you can do. Find below some effective tips to tackle smelly feet.

1. Scrub your feet

Rubbing your feet with soap and water while you shower may be something you do every day but this is not a solution to bacteria feeding off dead skin cell on feet and causing unpleasant odor. Use an abrasive medium like brush or washcloth and scrub feet. Don’t forget to clean between toes for a complete scrub.

2. Dry feet

Any kind of moisture or wetness in feet can contribute to growing bacteria and bad odor. Make sure your feet are dry every time you step out of water. Wetness can also cause itchiness and other fungal infections besides the problem of smelly feet.

3. Change your socks

Wearing the socks every day for long hours of time is the primary cause of stinky toes. This is because feet do not have adequate time to breathe freely. If your routine or work demands socks; then make sure you change them every day. Invest in a few pairs of socks so you never run out of them.

4. Leather is the best

If you are to wear shoes, make sure you wear good quality leather ones for they allow feet to breathe. The plastic ones have no scope for this and hence are better avoided or limited.

5. Go bare

Going bare when you are at home is the best thing you can do to your feet. If you cannot walk around with naked feet; switch to open toe sandals or ones that are best to nothing.

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