9 Tips to Stop Self-Sabotage

9 Tips to Stop Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage can be simply explained by your strong need to want something but making sure in every possible way that you don’t get it. If you are interested in someone at school or at work but do everything possible to make him not like you, you are possibly self-sabotaging your needs/wants. Some women do it and find it tough to come out. Here are some tips that work.

1. Cut down excuses

All of us have excuses but some of us have a lot more than the rest. When these excuses emerge right when you are about to say or do something, they are quite likely to sabotage your interests. These could include fear, laziness or lack of confidence. Identify them and cut them down as soon as they pop up. Postponing or letting them breed will definitely ruin your chances.

2. Eliminate judgments related to self

Stop being judgmental about yourself. You are what you think you are. If you think you aren’t beautiful, you are not even if a hundred others find you charming. Similarly, if you think you don’t have the ability to do something without trying hard, you will not.

3. Recognize failures

Often, fear of failures lead to self-sabotage. While this is imminent in most individuals, the healthy way to come out of it is to understand that the fear of failing is common and mistakes help you identify the right path ahead.

4. Stop blaming yourself

If something has gone wrong, it is important to stop blaming yourself for it. Mistakes can arise from any side. It could be the environment or the other(s) involved or yourself. Even in the case of latter, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to amend it and instill positivity in you instead of brooding over it.

5. Put off defensiveness

Do not defend yourself against a problem or a mistake. Defenders can never get anything right. Such an attitude will go on to affect your life and prevent you from reaching out to your needs and interests. If there is a mistake from your end, learn to accept it, apologize and move forward to set it right with vehemence.

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