5 Tips to Stay Bully-Proof

5 Tips to Stay Bully-Proof

You can avoid befriending people who are bullies but that does not guarantee that someone won’t come and bully you at school, at your workplace or even in everyday life. If you think that your personality is such that bullies find you easy to prey upon, here are tips that you can use to become bully-proof in all aspects of life.

1. Don’t try to please everyone

If you try to please everyone, you will find yourself doing things that make others happy at the cost of your own happiness. This habit can make you prone to bullying because someone can take advantage of this side of your personality. They will use manipulative behavior to make you forcibly do something on the pretext of pleasing someone. Even if you refuse once, your urge to be nice and pleasing to everyone will kick in, and you will be totally helpless. To avoid this, stop thinking that you will be able to please everyone.

2. Don’t be shy to ask for help from people

What would you generally do when you are in some sort of trouble? Do you try to handle it all by yourself just because you are too shy to ask others for help? Don’t think this way because you will be surprised at how helpful others can often be, and all you need to do is ask. Make it a habit to ask for help from friends, coworkers or parents whenever you find yourself in a tough situation which you can’t get out of.

3. Stand up for what you believe in

Whether it is your views about a certain procedure at office or your belief about how friends should behave with one another, you must always stand up for what you believe if you want to be bully-proof. This habit shows that you have a strong mindset and a strong character. Bullies generally tend to stay away from people who are a hard nut to crack. If you also cultivate a personal image of a person who will always stand up for his or her beliefs, bullies won’t bother wasting their time on you.

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