13 Tips to Stay Beautiful this Winter

5 Tips to Stay Beautiful this Winter

Winter might not be the favorite season for your skin and hair. Apart from getting dry and flaky, your skin frequently tends to lose its glow and appears mostly pale. Your hair has a greater propensity to lose its moisture and becomes coarse. However, that’s where we come to the rescue. There are nevertheless steps that you can undertake so that even the winter cannot keep you from being your beautiful self. Here are some tips to stay beautiful this winter.

For your skin:

1. Take up Oil Massages

This is the season to indulge in sensual oil massages! Pamper your skin this winter with an oil massage to kill all the dryness in your skin. You may not be able to get an oil body massage everyday, so at least soak your body for about fifteen minutes in some beautifully smelling body oil before you take your shower. After your wash, you will find your skin feeling much more soft and supple.

2. Use a Body Brush

It is good to invest in a good quality body brush as it will be helpful for you in maintaining your winter skin. Use a body brush to brush your skin for at least ten minutes before you have a bath. It will get rid of the dead cells on the surface of your skin.

3. Avoid A Hot Water Wash

Everyone loves a hot water shower in the winters. However the less known fact is that hot water tends to dry up your skin and makes it even duller that the winter does. Hence, try to stick to warm water, instead of hot, especially on your face, as the skin on your face is most sensitive. Also let your last rinse be using tepid water.

4. Use Some Baby Oil:

Baby oil is a great method of rejuvenating your skin in the winters. After you’re done with your bath, you can take some baby oil and apply it all over your body. After keeping it for about five minutes, you can rinse it. This practice too will help your skin to feel really soft and eliminate and existing dryness.

5. Take Special Care of The Most Sensitive Areas

Do not ignore your lips, feet, knees and elbows as they are most prone to dryness in winters. Hence see that you are moisturizing them with a good lip balm for your lips and a smooth winter body lotion for the rest.

6. Drink Sufficient Water

It is a myth that it is required to keep oneself hydrated only in summers. Your skin requires adequate hydration even in the winters. Hence ensure that you drink sufficient water in the winters. Eight to ten glasses of water is the bare minimum intake of plain water, apart from juices that you consume even in winters.

7. Use a Sunscreen:

Once again, it is a myth that winter skin doesn’t require a sunscreen. Your skin is prone to dryness due to the rays of the sun even during winters. Hence, make sure that you don’t step out of your house without a sunscreen especially during the day.

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