7 Tips to Spot Deception in the Workplace

7 Tips to Spot Deception in the Workplace

Liars always hide behind a mask. But there are ways to see through them. Here are 7 ways to spot deception in a workplace.

1. See how deceptive people react in extreme situations

The best way to spot a deceptive person is to see how they react in extreme situations. They might become unbearably quiet and not be their usual self. They are more relaxed in simple situations but as things get complex, they fumble and look tensed throughout.

2. Watch out for signs of stress

Their face color might change and you might notice a difference in their breathing rate and pattern. Colleagues or subordinates might seem different from their typical personality. The more chirpy ones will fall silent or the quiet people might talk way too much. Even fidgeting and rubbing hands are few of the signs.

3. Watch their eyes

A popular belief says that liars can’t look at the opposite person in the eye. However, there are some liars who surpass these natural lie detectors. They can lie whilst looking right at you and even holding the eye contact for several seconds.

4. Monitor the way they respond to questions

If you ask them a direct question, they mask it in ambiguity and do not respond to you directly. In fact, they might even cross question you. It’s very easy for them to get away in this manner.

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