10 Tips to Select the Right Life Partner

6. Test for important qualities

Every girl has a certain blueprint in her mind of how she wants her life partner to be like. Some girls want chivalry in their partners along with honesty, while other girls prefer someone who doesn’t pamper them too much and gives them their space. So if you too have some qualities in mind that your ideal partner should definitely possess, then look out for those in him. Test him on various occasions to see if he behaves the way you want him to, and those actions and reactions could help you decide whether you are both compatible or not.

7. Do your intellects match?

You are finicky about pronunciations and grammar, and he doesn’t care about it all? You fear that if you marry him, your kids will learn wrong concepts from him? It’s important to have matching intellects for two people to be life partners. If you are well read, you want someone with whom you can have intelligent conversations. And there is nothing wrong in expecting that. So check for this intellectual compatibility much before you start to check other things.

8. Same plans for family life?

You want to have a child after three years of marriage, but he wants to have a baby within the first year itself? You want to adopt a child, but he is against it? These are the kinds of things that you should clarify before you say yes to each other in a hurry. A lot of couples argue and get separated because of having different family planning thoughts. It’s best to find someone who shares the same thoughts as yours.

9. Genuine attraction

So sometimes, you are compatible, have a great sense of mutual understanding, you guys think the same way, and just about everything seems perfect. But all these qualities also exist between two business partners, or between two great friends. What is it that differentiates your relationship from these other kinds of relations, and defines you as life partners? There has to be some genuine attraction that you both need to feel. It has to be a feeling that comes straight from your heart, and is the trigger that helps you to build the willingness required to say yes to each other. Check if both of you feel the same way, and are not doing this under any kind of pressure.

10. Spend time together

Before you actually decide to say yes or no, spend some time together to see how the other person evolves when he is around you. With days passing by, you will both gradually open up to each other, and that will help you get a rough map of how your wedded life will be like. This is the most crucial time in your life to help you decide whether to take the big step or not.

So begin your search carefully, look for partners smartly, and check for everything slowly. Take your time, and don’t make a decision in a hurry. Moreover, it’s only logical to spend a few months extra knowing the person who you might be spending your whole life with. Why compromise on this little time, which can actually save you from a lifetime of misery?

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