5 Tips to Read a Guy’s Body Language

5 Tips to Read a Guy's Body Language

Body language is like the reflection of what goes on in your mind. For a woman, understanding a man is not that difficult if she looks closer at his body language. Though each person has his/her own body language, there are some gestures that are common. Here are some tips to read a guy’s body language.

1. His face tells you a lot

If a guy faces you directly while talking, he is confident and is interested in what you are saying. A tilted face along with a playful smile could be a sign of him flirting with you or trying to get closer to you. If he keeps his face cocked, it might mean that the guy is confused. A lowered head could mean two things either it is out of respect or he is hiding something and is not able to face you.

2. His eyes speak for his heart

If he keeps shifting his look, he might be a shy person who is trying to be comfortable. If he is completely avoiding eye contact, he is not interested in you. If he is looking directly into your eyes, then it is a sign of confidence. While during a conversation, if his eyes are fixed on a far away object, he is either thinking about something or not listening to you.

3. His hands are an indicator of what goes on in his mind

If a guy is busy looking at his wrist watch repeatedly, it is sign that he is bored or he needs to be somewhere. If a guy keeps tugging at his sleeves, shirt collar, or his clothes, it is indicative of the fact that he is feeling uneasy talking to you. If his hands are busy tending his hair, he could be showing off to impress you. If a guy rests his hands on his hips while standing, be careful, he might be getting impatient and is not interested in your talk.

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