7 Tips to not Get Distracted While Driving

Tips to not Get Distracted While Driving

The reason why distracted driving is dangerous is not because you might die while at it, but because you could kill other people as well and thus destroy the lives of several families, including your own. Of course, there are distractions everywhere these days, and so accidents have become so rampant. But with little deliberation and effort, you could not only avoid accidents but become an efficient driver as well. So what must you do to pay exclusive attention to driving and driving only when you are, well, driving? Here are the top 7 tips to not get distracted while driving.

1. Take proper rest before driving

If you are tired, you should not drive. Period. When you are tired, your consciousness is compromised and even if you think that your willpower is stronger than your sleep, you are wrong. Sleep will eventually take over and it could prove fatal. Take proper rest and get a good sleep so that while driving you are alert and your motor senses are working perfectly. This will also help you not to get distracted.

2. Arrange passengers and pets properly

You may be carrying many people at a time on your car. Do not exceed the number of passengers you can handle. There is really no need to do favors to people just because you have a car. Also, buckle your kids up properly and teach them not to disturb or distract you while you are driving. Keep them engaged with safe toys or books. If you are carrying a pet, ensure that it is properly secured in a carrier or harness, also with toys to play, if necessary.

3. Mute your cell phone

Keep your phone on silent mode and no matter what, do not receive calls while driving. If it is an emergency call or someone very important is calling, park your car at the side of the road and then talk. Also, do not read text messages while driving even if the road is empty. Messages engage your full concentration so as to understand their full meaning. And never try typing a quick message even to tell that you are arriving in five minutes. You might end up never arriving. Sending messages and talking over the phone while driving is also illegal in many countries.

4. Do not eat or drink

Refrain from eating or drinking while driving. Grabbing a quick bite on the way is a common practice, but the whole act of removing the wrapper and putting the food into the mouth could distract you and you could be in an unwanted mishap. Do eat before or after driving.

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