6 Tips to Make Great Pizza at Home

6 Tips to Make Great Pizza at Home

Who does not love the yummy taste of pizza? Making a pizza at home is simple. But, do you get the same great taste as popular or branded pizzas? If not, then we will give you some quick tips to make great pizza at home, read on.

1. It is about the crust

A great pizza is about a great crust. A soggy crust pizza cannot be eaten. Always partially bake the pizza crust. Do not top the veggies and cheese on the crust before baking; this can leave the crust soggy. It is always a good idea to partially bake the crust, add the toppings and then bake it again. When the crust has a brown tint, it is fully baked. Do not overdo the baking of the crust. Also, use all purpose flour for a yummy tender crust.

2. Homemade dough

Homemade dough is better than the ready made pizza base. To prepare a homemade pizza dough, add some bread flour to the all purpose flour mix. Bread flour would make the dough soft, which will help to make the crust crispy. Knead the homemade dough for about five to eight minutes and then refrigerate the dough for about three to four hours. This would give you a perfect pizza bread base.

3. Arrangement of toppings

For a thin crust pizza, use limited toppings. If you use too many toppings, then the crust would be soggy. Use limited veggies and cheese for a 12” thin crust pizza. For a larger pizza base, experiment with different toppings and seasonings. Use four to five different veggies with the classic cheese on this pizza base.

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