5 Tips to Make Christmas Ornaments At Home

5 Tips to Make Christmas Ornaments At Home

Christmas is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. What makes Christmas all the more fun is that you celebrate your house and as well as are bedazzled by the decorations outside of the house. The streets are lit up, stores beckon with their lights and gifts and churches do their part to stand out too. When it comes to Christmas decorations, nothing beats the centre of attraction-the Christmas tree. Although you can get millions of ornaments in the store, the best ornaments are the ones that you make at home. They have a sentimental value attached to them and if it is job well turned out, they will occupy a place of pride on the tree every Christmas. Here are some tips to make Christmas ornaments at home.

1. Save all the discarded socks or all the single socks that you cannot find a pair for

There are so many different things you can make with socks. You can make a sock puppet, they can be turned into stockings for hanging the presents with the right buttons and laces, and they can also be used to make little balls that you can paint over or cover with glitter. Sock balls are light and will look great with glitter and bright paints.

2. Wrapping paper and aluminum foil

Aluminum foil might be the last things that would come to your mind when looking for material, but they make wonderful material to make ornaments. The good thing about aluminum foil is that you can crush them into any shape that you want. You can either keep them like they are and make a futuristic looking Christmas tree or paint them over or cover them with paper or cloth to make it look prettier. These ornaments are light and can be used over and over again to make different shapes. You can also recycle your old wrapping paper to make pseudo gift boxes.

3. Paper Mache ornaments

All you need is some old newspaper, glue and water. There is practically no end to what all you can make with paper Mache. You can make traditionally shaped ornaments or can make new shapes that you like. You can either pour color into the glue or color the ornaments after you have made them and dried them. Paper Mache ornaments can take a while to make but they last forever.

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