10 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup


Today’s market place is inundated with zillions of makeup products and cosmetics. All women want to look beautiful and many seek refuge in ridiculously priced makeup products. But the trick to looking truly beautiful starts from being natural. Here are some tips to look beautiful without makeup.

1. Water is magic

And it truly is. Water has all the essential properties to naturally cleanse skin, colon and other organs of the body. It rids your body of all toxins as it flushes them out of your system. Keep sipping water in frequent intervals and within a short span of time; you will begin to observe dramatic changes in your skin.

2. Let your skin breathe

Dousing yourself in heavy makeup very frequently leaves your skin very little time to breathe freely. And as much as healthy respiration is important for your lungs; breathing freely is necessary for your skin as well. Restrict heavy makeup to limited occasions.

3. Naked lips

Beautiful lips are usually healthy, soft and supple and not always associated with color. Choose shea butter or some natural moisturizer for your lips over lipsticks. They nourish, avoid pigmentation and keep your lips soft and supple.

4. Wash your face

Do not use any harsh soap on face and washing can be limited to couple of times in a day. Frequent washing can wipe away natural oils from facial skin and leave it looking dull and lifeless. Invest in a good quality face wash or make one from natural ingredients at home for fresh, clean and beautiful skin.

5. Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene includes brushing and flossing. The first thing people notice in your face every time you talk or smile is your pearly whites. Tinted or stained teeth or food stuck between teeth are a major put off and can drastically impact your appearance. Make sure you have a nice, bright and clean smile.

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