6 Tips to Go from Brunette to Blonde

6 Tips to Go from Brunette to Blonde

You can see a lot of celebrities changing the color of their hair so very often that you actually forget the original color of their hair. For some it suits them like they were born with it and for some it is a difficult look to carry off. The color change in hair can be pretty drastic and you have to be careful before you decide to go with a different hair color. Going blonde has a lot of advantages. Blondes are considered sexy and outgoing no matter what they are and that could be a very tempting thing to try. There is no harm in changing the hair color. You just have to be careful and here are a few tips to help you transition from brunette to blonde.

1. Think long and hard about it

The first step you should do before you dye your locks blonde is to think long and hard about your decision. You will have to live with this color for a while, unless you plan on dyeing it again, so you really have to think about the changes it will bring about in your life and think if you are equipped to handle the change.

2. Plan ahead

Plan on the right moment to get it done. If you need inspiration, collect pictures or magazine cut outs of famous and beautiful stars who had gone blonde and are doing a great job of staying blonde.

3. Make sure it suits your face

Do not go blonde because you think blondes have more fun. Think if going blonde will suit your face before taking the decision. Do not ever make a hasty decision when it comes to dyeing or coloring your hair as it can be a messy and expensive affair.

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