7 Tips to Get that Weekend Casual Look

5. Stay away from killer heels

Killer heels, wedges and platforms will definitely not go with the rest of your look. Be comfortable in a pair of sandals or bellies and look gorgeous over the weekend.

6. Frocks

The season may not let you wear them outdoors, but you can always bring in a bit of summer by wearing frocks when you are indoors and when you know for sure that you won’t get cold.

7. Scarves and turbans

Scarves and turbans also add a nice touch if you are going for the causal look. You can make a turban yourself with your scarf and can always switch to scarves if you are not comfortable wearing it as a turban.

Going minimal with accessories, clothes and makeup is the greatest secret to getting that weekend casual look. The less effort you put into your looks, the better you will look over the weekend.

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