8 Tips to Enhance Your Cleavage

8 Tips to Enhance Your Cleavage

Do not worry if you are not blessed with a good bust size. There are many ways through which you can enhance your cleavage. No, this does not include surgery! Listed below are some tips to enhance your cleavage, read on.

1. A great fitting bra

A bra can make your busts look smaller, if not selected properly. Choose a bra with proper fitting. Don’t choose a size which is smaller or bigger than your breasts. A perfect bra can enhance your cleavage in the best possible way. Also, choose a bra with satin finish; this would help to enhance your size.

2. Push-up bras

Push-up bra is an ideal choice for smaller bust sizes. Wear push-up bras for special occasions to enhance your cleavage. They have special padding that helps push up your breast giving you the illusion of having bigger breasts.

3. Makeup for cleavage

Don’t get amazed reading this. Bronzer makeup tricks can be used to create an illusion of bigger bust size. It should be applied in a proper way to contour the area of breasts. Practice this trick on your busts to get good results. Don’t apply cleavage makeup without proper knowledge of application; this would make your cleavage look artificial.

4. Extra padding

Use extra pads under your bra to get full support. This will help to naturally enhance your cleavage. Extra padded support is great for small breast sizes.

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