6 Tips to Confess to Your Crush

6 Tips to Confess to Your Crush

At some point or the other, you will have to face the reality and confess your feelings to your crush if he doesn’t seem to recognize them. If you are feeling the heat and anxiety of going up to your crush and confessing your love, here are a few tips you should use.

1. Talk to a common friend first

Before confessing to your crush, make sure that you speak to a common friend and get a few facts straight so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your crush. Ask your common friend if your crush likes you back and whether he is interested in a relationship or not. If your common friend gives you valuable insight about what is going on in your crush’s mind, you will be in a much better position to confess your love to him.

2. Be spotted at common venues

Don’t make a plan to directly go and confess your love to your crush out of the blue. Warm up to your confession. Weeks or days before you want to confess, try to be seen at the same spots as your crush. This may make him notice you more and he may subconsciously begin to think that you both have common interests. Such venues could include cafes, movie halls, a friend’s place and sporting venues.

3. Pick an appropriate time to confess

One of the key factors in making your love confession super smooth and successful is picking the right time. If you confess your love to your crush a day before his exams, in the midst of his mourning period or when your crush is already seeing someone else, you could put yourself up for disappointment. Gauge when the timing is right and only then confess your love to him. Picking the right time can actually make a lot of difference to the way your crush will react to your confession.

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