6 Tips to Beat Your Own Record Each Time

6 Tips to Beat Your Own Record Each Time

Do you beat your own record each time to excel higher? If not, then do it now. Beating your own record in life not only boosts your confidence level but also helps you to fulfill your goals in life. Listed below are some tips to beat your own record.

1. Set a goal

It is important to set a goal in life to achieve your dreams. If you have realistic goals, then it is not difficult to beat your own record. Being content in life should be the primary thing, if you have the ability to do things, continue with your hard work.

2. Compete with yourself

If you compete with others, you will not reach anywhere in life. Compete with yourself to achieve your goals. Self competition can take you to places in life. With self competition you would always do your best. As there is no one to compete, you would give your hundred percent in life. Comparison can go against you, as you will develop a feeling of jealousy.

3. Celebrate your win

Irrespective of big or small, celebrate your victory. When you do this, you get motivated in a true sense. You get a kick to do better in life. Victory gives you a new high. On accomplishing your goals, celebrate and try harder. Never give up on any opportunity in life.

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