6 Tips to Add Volume to Your Hair Before a Party

6 Tips to Add Volume to Your Hair Before a Party

There are those days that most of us have at least a few times every year when our hair lets us down right before a party. In spite of all the preparations and the primping that we do to our hair, it decides to go limp on us making us want to almost cancel going to the party. With some however, the hair is thin making it impossible for them to try any new hairstyles and stick to the same tried hairstyles. If you have limp hair, thin hair, hair that just won’t look good, or just want to have a beehive look for a change, here are some tips for you to add volume to your hair right before a party. The winter season is so about going over the top be wit with hair or makeup. Large is good and fabulous and if you want to look big, then you should go for it.

1. Pick the right shampoo

Although it seems like a tall claim, some shampoos actually do their work and make your hair look voluminous. Make sure you shampoo well and add a little bit of conditioner. Rinse your hair well and make it dry if you are going for that extra volume.

2. Add a thickening cream or spray to your hair

If you are going for this option, you will have to do it when your hair is still wet. Apply the spray or the cream and scrunch up your hair well. Scrunch it up well on the top of your head to make it look fuller and voluminous.

3. Comb it right

When you are brushing your hair or combing it, do not use a flat brush. Use a big round brush and brush your hair top to bottom by tilting your head down. When you tilt your head down and then brush your hair, you hair looks more voluminous.

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