5 Tips on How to Write a Great Resume to Suit a Job’s Requirements

5 Tips on How to Write a Great Resume to Suit a Job's Requirements

Creating a resume takes some amount of planning and focus. Your resume is something that should shine through the piles of hastily dismissed resumes of your adversaries. Here are 5 tips on how to write a great resume to suit a job’s requirements.

1. Alter your resume

If you are shifting to another field of work, then it’s certainly advisable that you don’t use the same resume. Most people tend to use the same resume regardless of the type of job they are seeking. Always customize the resume for the job. However, you can always take a few things from it and discard the rest. You can retain the related skills and work experience that you think will help you in the new job or smartly twist the same skills a little to fit the new job.

2. Use keywords

Try to use certain keywords of the company in your resume, be it from their tagline, their motto, their objectives or anything related. Know where you can smartly slip in the keywords, whether it is in your branding statement or the goals and objectives. This lets the company feel that you are on the same page as they are and that you will uphold the values of the company.

3. Match the columns

Carefully read the job description and its requirements and mark the key skills and experiences the company requires. Now list down all your past achievements, skills and experience and see how many of them match the job and how much you want to highlight each one.

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