4 Tips on How to Know What He Wants on Valentine’s Day

Tips on How to Know What He Wants on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is largely and widely believes to be something that women only enjoy or want to celebrate. It is hard enough to know if you man likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day before you can think on what he would like to have on Valentine’s Day. Men aren’t all the same and it is really difficult to categorize them and do something generic for him on Valentine’s Day. In most cases he won’t really tell you what he wants and you will be left to your own devices to come up with something to make him feel special and wanted. It is always better to know what he wants than to break you head over it and here are some tips on how to know what he wants on Valentine’s Day.

1. Look for subtle hints

Sometimes he may be sending out subtle messages or give you hints on what he really wants from you on Valentine’s Day. If he gives you really sexy lingerie or naughty clothes, it means that he is looking forward to some real hot sex on Valentine’s Day. If he keeps telling you a week before that he is going to have a real busy week, may be he is letting you know not to expect a lot from him and also not to plan anything and surprise him. Looking for these hints from him will help you in knowing what his plans are and what he wants on Valentine’s Day.

2. Talk to his friends or colleagues

Sometimes men too discuss about these things with their friends. It is not unusual for men to discuss with their friends or colleagues about their predicament on Valentine’s Day or what they expect from you. If you are not shy or if you have a good relationship with his friends, you can ask them to find out what he wants on that day. You have to be a little careful with this as it can backfire and he may get mad at you for wanting to spy on him.

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