7 Tips on How to Ignore Your Boyfriend

7 Tips on How to Ignore Your Boyfriend

Do you want complete attention of your boyfriend? Ignoring is the foremost thing that makes a man curious to know that why his girlfriend is ignoring him. So if you are deeply in love with your man and want him to be your lover boy again then follow some easy steps. Ignoring a man is not difficult at all; all you need to know are tricks. These moves will make him eager about you.

1. Choose to see friends

Put a halt on your meetings. If you are planning to meet your boyfriend then drop this idea and meet your friends instead. When you will tell him that you are dropping meeting with him to meet your friends, he will come close to you.

2. Start reading book when with him

If you are unable to maintain distance with him then in his presence also, you can make him feel alone. Start reading any book when you have given him time. He will be surprised and will get concerned about your behavior.

3. Watch TV rather than taking to him

Is your boyfriend with you and is willing to talk to you? You can simply busy yourself with television and as a result, he will be ignored.

4. Stop responding to his calls

Cut short the frequency of receiving his calls. If you used to answer your beau’s call 10 times a day then start answering him only once or twice. He will panic and will come to you.

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