5 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

 5 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Battling between the need to buy a home within the budget and owning one that is large enough to accommodate needs, the dreams of every would-be home owner are becoming quite difficult to accomplish due to the soaring real estate prices. If you have accommodated yourself in a small room but wish to be in a bigger one, you can actually do so by following the tips mentioned here to make small room bigger.

1. Make use of the extra space

If your room has an adjoining lobby or some extra space, make use of it. Removing walls between these two areas will open up the area and make your room look bigger than it actually is. Also, if you need to create a demarcation, you can do so with a makeshift option like a curtain, which can be used whenever you need it.

2. Choose the right furniture

You may spend a whole lot of money on getting heavy and bulky furniture that may be visually appealing but barely fitting within the confines of your room. In such a case, the furniture tends to be least comfortable or functional. Replace it with more functional and less space consuming units to make your room look bigger. Foldable and adjustable options or ones that serve multiple purposes are welcome.

3. Watch out for the clutter

Often, between the time you move into a new room and after a few years, you realize that your room and its walls are closing in on you. This is not because your room has shrunk, it never can. This is more so because you seem to have accumulated clutter all along. It is always better to check on this inventory every once in a while and discard stuff that you may not need. A room with less or no clutter will certainly appear larger.

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