6 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

6 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

If you are starting your own business which you plan to run out of your home, your first step is to set up a home office. Here are a few tips you should use to set up a home office which will ensure maximum productivity and uninterrupted workflow.

1. Pick a space according to your needs

Which part of the house you will pick as your office will depend on the needs of your business. If you have a client facing business which requires you to call people home to meet you, pick a space which has a separate entrance. This will prevent your professional contacts from bumping into your family members. If you have a business which is run purely off a computer, even a small desk or a compact space may suffice.

2. Have professional looking furniture

Don’t be under the illusion that you can pick up the cozy recliner from your living room and sit on it to work off your tablet. To give your home office a professional feel, you must have decent looking furniture. You may not opt for furniture with leather upholstery as seen in corporate workspaces, but you should have furniture which will make you sit up straight and work.

3. Have a separate phone number for your business

Dodging calls from your client and your aunt simultaneously is not a good idea for your business. Get a separate fixed line phone number or a new mobile phone number which is solely dedicated to your business. This will help your clients and vendors to leave voice messages and texts without the fear of anyone else looking at it.

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