8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping seems to be the flavor of fashion. Everyone prefers to shop online these days. It not only saves a lot of time but it also lets you avail the best possible deal. Do you also like to shop online? Then you must know about some safety rules for shopping. Read on to know more about it.

1. Look for the site

Use only genuine website for your purchase. It is important that the site has a valid license and verification. Online transactions are much safer if the site is verified. Always buy from sites which are well known or popular. Get the best possible deals and discounts on known sites for purchase.

2. Secure through anti virus

Anti virus protection is not about virus any more. It provides complete protection against all the threats of computer including hacks and malware. So, if you have an antivirus installed on your laptop, it becomes all the more easy to shop online. If something looks fishy, the program would warn you against going ahead.

3. Use cash on delivery option

The safest way to shop online is perhaps the COD option. You just have to select the mode and you are sorted. No added information is to be provided leaving aside your address. If this option is not available on a particular shopping website, then the second safest bet is to use your credit card. Use debit card only if need be. Be careful while making a check out on the shopping sites.

4. Save a copy of the order

It is important to save a copy of your order you purchased from an online store. It not only helps you in reference, it also helps you to track your order if there is a problem in delivery. Or else, print the order form which you used for purchase as an option to show later after your delivery.

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