Tips For Making Life Easier For A Returning To Work Mom

Are You A Returning To Work Mom? Make Life Easier With These Tips

Getting back to work after a blissful maternity leave is surely a difficult task. Firstly, you will have to stay away from your child for at least 8-9 hours. Secondly, it is indeed very difficult to juggle between work and family. So, what can be an ideal way out? Have a look at the tips given below and make your backward leap a manageable feat.

Come down to a decision

The first and foremost thing that you will have to do is come down to a good decision. You will have to answer these questions.
1) Why do I want to work, for money or for satisfaction?
2) Are my financial constraints so high that it is unable to manage with my partner’s income?
3) Do I want to work from home or do a 8-hour job or opt for a part-time job?
4) What are the pros and cons of each of these?
It is only after analyzing the situation that you must come down to a resolve.

Chalk out a plan

Once you’ve decided that you have to work, you will have to chalk out a plan. Design a timetable for yourself and train your baby accordingly. For example, if you have to leave for office at 8 am, you will have to feed your baby by 7.45am. You must tune your baby for such things. Of course, your darling will take some time to attune to your new schedule. Give your baby the time that he/she needs, only then go ahead with job interviews.

Find a reliable nanny or day care center

Once you’ve decided, you have to leave home for work, you must find out if an elderly member of your family can take care of your baby. If that isn’t possible, search for a reliable nanny or a trustworthy day care center. Once you find a day care center, go to the center and see the environment there. Are there too many kids crammed in one place or do they have lots of place to play, dance and learn new things? Find out how the caretaker deals with the kids there.

Practice run the schedule

Just as it difficult for you to stay away from your child, it’s equally difficult for your child to stay with a stranger or at a day care with other kids. Hence, you must practice run the new schedule that you will be adhering soon. Get up at 6 am, make breakfast, pack lunch for your kid, your spouse and yourself. Then wake up your little one, ready him/her for day care and then leave home at the time you have to leave for office henceforth.

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