8 Tips For Making Friends in a New School or College


New faces and new life, it is the start of a new friendship. Making friends in a new school or college can give you an anxiety attack because you practically don’t know anyone out there. But, it is not so difficult with the right approach. So, listed are some tips for making friends in a new school or college, read on.

1. Make an effort

Unless you make an effort, nothing is going to happen in life. Same thing implies in this situation. To make new friends, you have to make an honest effort from your side. You can’t just wait for someone to come and approach you all the time. If you are getting a positive vibe from someone, just go and shake hands with your new friend.

2. Take part in activities

There are many events and activities that keep happening in school or college all through the year. You need to take part in those activities to make new friends. When you gel with other classmates, naturally you would develop a good comfort level with them. And, that would result in some new and lovely set of friends.

3. Challenge yourself

Push your limits and challenge yourself to make new friends. Even, if you are shy by nature you can make some good friends. Simply start talking about studies or something which excites you. You never know your classmate would also get involved in this process. This would result in good friendship.

4. Be as you are

If you are real and true, then everyone would get attracted to you. You heard that right, just be as you are, the real you. When your class mates will discover this wonderful thing about you, they would come and approach you. Just chat with them and you would have your new friends to smile and share stories of life.

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