5 Tips for Dealing With a Short-Tempered Boyfriend

5 Tips for Dealing With a Short-Tempered Boyfriend

Many of us have partners or boyfriends who seem to get irked and angry at every little thing. This may not seem like a big issue at the beginning of the relationship but as you start getting more and more emotionally attached to the guy, things can get messier. We give you some of the ways to deal with a short-tempered boyfriend.

1. Be patient

If you are with a guy who has a short temper then know that he is not going to change instantly. It could take years for him to change the way he has been all his life. You need to have immense patience and love to continue having a meaningful relationship with him. It is quite possible that more often than not, the process will be more difficult for you than it is for him.

2. Avoid arguing when he is angry

When people have a short temper, even little or random things can agitate them. If you try putting sense into his brain while he is angry then it will just make matters worse and he will not be in a position to understand what exactly it is that you are saying. Know that you will never be able to get your point across to him if you argue while his temper is flaring. You must keep your cool, let him say all that he wants to say. You can go up to him when things have cooled down and then try to make your point.

3. Let him know how his temper affects you

Just because you are too scared of him flaring up, does not mean that you stop expressing yourself to him. If you do not think talking things out is the solution, then you can try writing to him. Pen down all your feelings and slip it into his bag or write him an email about how his temper is affecting the relationship. Remember to keep your tone gentle but firm. Do not make him feel that you are trying to change or blame him. Just let him know how his behavior makes you feel.

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