5 Tips for a Day of Beauty

5 Tips for a Day of Beauty

Are you fed-up of your monotonous life and want to take a break to give time only to yourself? Are you frustrated with your tired and exhausted look all the time? Ponder no more. Here are 5 tips to enhance your inner and outer beauty for all day in the most natural manner.

1. Sleep well and wake up early

Going to bed by 10 and waking up by 6 will give your body the proper rest that it needs and ensure proper growth of hormones. You will feel fresh and get glowing skin. The early morning air is fresh and pure. A small walk outside or a few stretching exercises will enable proper blood circulation and energize your body for your day’s work.

2. Pamper yourself during the bath

Spend a decent amount of time in the shower. Do not be in too much hurry. It is the time to pamper yourself. Shampoo your hair properly if you have to, massage your scalp, and use cool water for all this. Wash your face and apply moisturized and UV protection cream or lotion. Use very light makeup if you have to and apply deodorant. Avoid using antiperspirant as that interferes with the natural functioning of the body.

3. Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and plays a big role in determining your health as well as your mood for the day. Do not force yourself to eat something you totally hate. No matter how healthy it is, it will only spoil your mood and eventually have a bad effect on your health. A proper breakfast should be made up of healthy fat, 100% whole grains, some fresh fruits or fruit juice. Do not have junk food or anything too oily or loaded with calories.

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