7 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Manicure

7 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Manicure

Everyone would love to have good nails. There are some people who may even judge you and your personality based on how you maintain your nails and how clean they are. It is always a good thing to invest in a good manicure at least once in a month to keep your nails shinier, cleaner and healthier. Your time and budget may not permit you to go to a salon every month, but there are always ways to get that salon look right at your home. The only thing you will need to get that perfect look at home is a lot of patience and a bit of creativity. You can do it yourself and makes your nails the best accessory to any clothes that you choose to wear. Here are some tips and tricks to get that perfect manicure.

1. Do not add layers

If you have painted your nails already in a different color, make sure you remove it before you apply the new coat. Use a good nail polish remover and cleanse thoroughly with cotton pads before you start applying a new color to your nails. Adding layers will just give your nails an uneven texture.

2. Exfoliate your fingers and hands

After removing the nail polish you already have, take some time to exfoliate your nails, fingers and hands thoroughly. This will make them look clean and soft. You can use an exfoliator bought at the store or use a natural scrub you can find at home.

3. Soak your nails in warm water

Before you can apply a new coat of paint on your nails, it always helps to soften them up a bit by soaking them in warm water for about a few minutes. Warm water helps soften up the cuticles.

4. Dry your nails

After soaking them, dry off your nails. Push back the cuticles and remember not to cut them. You will be more prone to infections when you cut the cuticles. You can also end up with hangnails when you trim them too much. So just push them back a little to avoid ending up with painful fingers.

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