7 Things Your Dog can Teach Your Child

Things Your Dog can Teach Your Child

Have you decided to get a pet dog? And are you worried if it will be safe because your kid is too young? Besides the health related precautions and issues, there really is nothing more you should worry about because extensive research has shown and it has been scientifically proven that little children who grow up with pet dogs at home, become better human beings in life. A pet encourages a child’s social, intellectual, emotional and even physical growth. A child with a pet dog becomes more compassionate, has more friends, is helpful and becomes a generally likable person. Listed here are 7 things your dog can teach your child.

1. Unconditional love

Did you know that a dog is one of the very few animals which has as much love and devotion that can be idolized? Every day, without fail, your pet dog will be waiting for you, happy face, wagging tail and eager to be in your proximity. Nothing excites your dog more than your presence – so profound and unconditional is its love. A demeanor of this kind will encourage your child to have a higher self esteem and more self confidence, apart from the ability to love unconditionally.

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2. Trust

There is no other living being on the planet as trustworthy as your dog. First, it is more than eager to listen to your child. Even if it does not understand his/her words, it can read the body language and voice tone to understand what is being said and meant. Your child will be able open up to others more easily because of the boost your dog will give him/her as being enormously trustworthy and non-judgmental at the same time.

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3. Responsibility

Your dog instills a sense of responsibility in your child. If your child gets to take care of your dog and see to its requirements from time to time, he/she will learn to be more responsible in other things as well. When he/she will see your dog thrive under his/her supervision, he/she will also develop self confidence.

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4. Sociability

Most dogs love people. They love to meet new people, with your company of course, and thus teach children the necessary skill of socialization. Your child will learn to be more sociable and be more outgoing and eager.

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