5 Things You Should Say in an Interview

Things You Should Say in an Interview

It’s a competitive world out there and you need to bring out your best to the table. Things you say in an interview can actually get you the job. Of course, the interviewers look for people with actual skills rather than the ones who only do the talking. But, there is also something called first impression, and to show your performance later, you need to first bag in the job on the basis of first impression. So here are 5 things you should convey in an interview.

1. Your knowledge about the company

The first thing that earns you brownie points in an interview is your knowledge of the company. Make sure to read up on whatever you find about the company and keep up with their current projects and agendas. Casually try to bring it up at least once during the interview. Talk about the company’s performance the year before or their new projects. Being well-read about the place you want to work in is a big plus point and is sure to impress the panel of interviewers.

2. Your sense of humor

Just because it’s an interview that doesn’t mean you’re going to talk and sit as if you’re posing for a passport-size photograph. It is okay to loosen up a little and bring in a sense of humor and vivacity to the interview. It shows the interviewers that you can maintain your calm and be your natural self in all situations.

3. Your adaptability

Nobody wants to spend extra time and effort in changing schedules for a difficult employee. Show them that you are flexible, can adjust in any situation and are open to all challenges. A “no” to everything from your side may result in your elimination from the shortlisted candidates list altogether.

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