25 Reasons Why You should Make a Bucket List

Reasons Why You should Make a Bucket List

A bucket list is one of the best things to maintain. It keeps you charged all the time to think of new and exciting things to add to the list, and also keeps you motivated to strike things off it. Here are some things that you must definitely put on your bucket list.

1. Traveling alone at least once

It’s a great experience, and perfect for those wanting to rediscover themselves!

2. Learning a musical instrument

You never know when it might come in handy to entertain or impress someone.

3. Owning a plant

A little touch of nature is good in one’s life. Plus, it’s your little contribution to saving the planet.

4. Owning one very expensive piece of clothing

Just for the sake of it! So that you can feel proud about it, and flaunt it off every now and then.

5. Living alone at least once in life

It teaches you a lot about living life, and is also a big eye-opener for most things.

6. Paying for a stranger’s bill at a bar

No harm in making someone’s day, just like that, right?

7. Writing a book

Even if it means writing whatever is coming to your head and heart. At least, make an attempt! You never know what might come out of it eventually!

8. Learning a foreign language

It’s a great thing to add to your professional skills, and might come in handy when traveling abroad. Friends also might envy you for this!

9. Learning to cook

A great hobby and stress-buster, cooking is also a skill that impresses significant others in your lives. Plus, it saves you from being dependent on someone else when you are on an empty stomach.

10. Painting something

Just to let the artist in you come out. Be proud of it, and hang it in your home.

11. Running a marathon

Because it’s one of those things that so many people do, so you should do it too to experience it once.

12. Performing at a karaoke bar

It’s a lot of fun! Also, it’s a good test for your singing skills!

13. Traveling first-class in a plane

For once, there is no harm in spending a little extra money and traveling in luxury. After all, you must know what’s it like at the other end of the plane where the rich and the elite sit.

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