14 Things You Should Own by 30

Things You Should Own by 30

When you’ve turned 30, you are considered as a mature and responsible adult in the eyes of people around you. You are also expected to have settled down in a job conventionally, and are expected to take care of yourself financially. In other words, you can no longer be dependent on people around you, and should own all your important things with your own money. Here are all those things you should own by the time you turn 30.

1. A laptop

If not a Macbook Pro, at least a good laptop that you helps you professionally and personally is a must buy for you.

2. Your favorite author’s entire collection

It’s time you stop borrowing books and start building a personal library of yours. What better way to start than your favorite author’s entire collection?

3. A full-size movie poster

Most people like to collect loads of them. But ideally, it’s good to buy just one full-size poster of one of your favorite films that you can hang somewhere in your house and feel good about.

4. A branded watch

It should be one that you wear only on special occasions and one that gives you a sense of pride.

5. A good painting

Go to an art exhibition and buy an original piece of art that you like. Develop a definitive taste in art in general. It could actually be a sculpture too.

6. A fixed deposit or saving fund

That’s like your all-time backup. It should be broken prematurely only in worst-case scenarios.

7. A health club membership

You may not use the gym regularly, but it’s good to have a membership that lets you use the swimming pool or the tennis lawn and other facilities at the club.

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