7 Things You Should Never Say To A Man

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Man

The most harmful words are those that come sugar coated. Yes, for the obvious things like “I think your mom is gross” to “I think your friends need an attitude make-over” you ladies will surely have a filter in your mouth before these words come out. You may be smart enough to not be rude to us men, but hey what about those things that you don’t even realize? We men are complicated and yes there are things we don’t want to hear, even if we say we don’t really mind. So watch out before uttering any of these. Here are seven things never to say to a man unless you want to get on his list of people he ignores.

1. You are the best man I have ever met all my life

It does not seem wrong at all, does it? But it is wrong in every way. Appreciating a man is one thing, but putting him on top of the ninth could is another. Saying something like this might make him think he is the best in this world and he might take his behavior in future with you for granted. Instead something like, “There are very few guys like you!” should have a better effect.

2. I promised her I will keep it a secret, but…

First of all you breaking your promise to someone and telling to another person is a wrong thing. Secondly you are putting yourself on the radar for him to judge you. Don’t blame him them if he keeps things from you in future because obviously he will consider you not someone to trust.

3. You can never be like my father

Oh gosh, he does not want to be your father. Every man is special in his own way and it is your duty to let him be himself. Your father may be a wonderful man but hey, doesn’t mean that you have to compare every other man with him. Even if your man considers your dad a role-model, then that is really sweet and you really should not be saying something so mean to him.

4. I think your ex is a slut

Saying something like this screams out your character as a very insecure person – a quality repelled by men! Even if he dislikes his ex he obviously would not want to hear your hate for her as if will make you come across as insecure, jealous and a very immature person. You may deep inside hate her guts, might even want to go back in time and make him never date her but calm down; he is yours today and that is all that should matter!

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