5 Things You should Never Give Up for a Relationship

5 Things You should Never Give Up for a Relationship

Making compromises for a relationship or someone special in our lives is a natural tendency among us all. We all do it to make our relationship work. Small adjustments and a few sacrifices here and there go a long way in making a strong and everlasting bond. However, there are times when these compromises start to pinch us and start to curb our individual freedom and growth. In other words, they stop us from being ourselves. And before we know it, in the process of giving up on things in our life to make the relationship work, we feel like giving up on the relationship altogether. So before your relationship reaches that extreme stage, it’s better to ensure that you start off one in the right manner. Here are some things that you should never ever give up on for a relationship.

1. Your career

This basically includes all of your life’s goals and ambitions. You can only contribute to the growth of a relationship when you yourself are growing and evolving at an individual level. Otherwise, the stagnant status of your individual life will prevent you from improving the status of your relationship, and that’s not worth the compromise. You’ve been making these goals and aiming for these things from the time before you even met this person you’re in love with. So why compromise on something that has helped in making you who you are today?

2. Other important relationships

Yes, you can’t keep everyone happy at all times. But that also doesn’t mean that you disappoint the closest people in your life. You can’t give up on them to make one relationship work. Plus, the bitterness of broken relationships around you will never let you bring any positivity into your relationship, and you will always be regretting your decisions. Be with someone who respects other people and relationships in your life, such as those of friends, family and coworkers.

3. Your independence

When in a relationship, some decisions need to be taken together. However, that should never take away your power to choose independently on other things of your life, such as your financial decisions, choices about where to go and whom to meet. The relationship should be a happy add-on to your otherwise comfortable life, and shouldn’t come as a burden to you, curbing your life’s normal functioning.

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