8 Things You Should Never Do In a New Relationship

Things You Should Never Do In a New Relationship

Just got into a new relationship or planning to, this Valentine’s? Sometimes it’s pretty hard to realize what you shouldn’t do at the beginning of a relationship. Being excited, nervous and having butterflies in your stomach is only natural. But, it’s essential to keep your emotions in check and behave befittingly as per the level of your relationship. There are some things to refrain from while you two have just started out. Check out a list of things you should never do in a new relationship.

1. Never get into a relationship on the rebound

Recently suffered a terrible heartbreak? Don’t jump into a new relation right away. Take your time to heal and get back to normalcy. Getting into a relationship just to spite your previous partner can be very damaging in the long run. Neither you know your partner well, nor does he. So how can this new relation possibly work out when you both don’t know if you understand each other? Wait till the right time, have patience.

2. Don’t harp about your ex

Leave the past behind. If you keep on referring to your ex at every little instance, your date is bound to feel insecure and frustrated. He’ll wonder whether you have actually moved on yet or not.

3. Never hide things

Never say things that you don’t mean. Don’t paint a false picture about yourself. In your yearning to get into a new relationship, you might even hide the multiple sides of your life and portray only the good side. Let him get to know the real you, don’t fake your personality.

4. Don’t be too eager to get physical

Take it one step at a time. You may be excited about your first date, but don’t go demonstrating it. Act gracefully. Being all clingy and making a PDA will definitely present you in the wrong light. Don’t invite unwanted trouble girls!

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