16 Things You should have Done By 30

Things You should have Done By 30

20s are a great phase in everyone’s life. There is a lot every woman must accomplish at different stages and 20s are probably an incredibly important part of her life. Here is a bucket list of things every woman should have done by the time she turns 30.

1. Work at your dream job and do that before you turn 30. Because chances are when you turn 30, some responsibilities begin to kick in and that dream job may be replaced by a more practical one.

2. You should have experienced what it is to be smitten in love at least once. Being in love is a great feeling and enjoying the experience when you are relatively younger is a completely different feeling altogether.

3. Learning to drive a car is not just a need but you get to learn and see a lot more when you are independent. Driving through busy streets may be a chore but drive down the freeway with the wind in your face and you’ll experience what liberated actually means.

4. Start saving money. You’ll need money not just to live and survive but also to spend. Some shopping therapy or an unplanned travel can be covered when you save money.

5. Dress as per fashion and your personality. Establish a style of dressing for yourself; one that you could follow through your 20s and perhaps even early 30s.

6. Travel, travel and travel a lot. You learn, enjoy and unlearn when you travel. The world is huge and has so many experiences to share with every traveler. You could be on a backpacking holiday, or on a cruise or travel to the other end of the world. Regardless of where you go, choose to go as frequently as you possibly can.

7. Take the greatest care of your health. Health, unfortunately, is the best when you are young. And the more you take care of it, the healthier you can be even in your 80s. So, start the process in your 20s itself.

8. Develop a passion. There are many. Introspect and find one that keeps you genuinely happy. You may not have the time to engage in it every day but do it as frequently as you can simply to make you happy. That is the greatest feat of mankind.

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