9 Things You should Avoid Doing on Your First Date

6. Don’t eat garlic before a date

Is your date a vampire? Then why eat garlic right before your date? Garlic will make your mouth stink badly and might just scare off your poor guy. You may brush and floss but you’ll do yourself a great favor by simply avoiding it!

7. Don’t complain about your life

Whining about how hard life is will not attract sympathy from your date. Complaints about your EMIs, your medical bills or any sort of financial problems is a total red flag against you. You surely don’t want to sound like some gold-digger, right?

8. Don’t question him about his exes

A first date is not exactly like you’re married! Stop yourself from asking prying questions about your date’s previous girlfriends. Number, nationality, looks, qualification or anything. Would you want him to tag you as ‘insecure’ and ‘not confident’? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Period!

9. Don’t be shy

Thumb rule of any relationship. Avoid being all girly and shy. You’ll appear naive, that’s all. Get rid of that apprehension and relax. Be confident and clear about who you are. But, this does not mean you straightaway tell your date that you’re in love with him! Take it one step at a time.

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