10 Things You may not have Known About Beyonce

Things You may not have Known About Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles has been successful with every stint in her life. Whether it is her singing or her dancing, she is the best. Her acting has also won her many accolades. Do you know everything about Beyonce? Well, there may be things you may not have known, read ahead to know about such things.

1. Do you know her favorite pick in ice-cream? She loves the flavor of butter pecan. She even mentioned in an interview that she cannot have enough of the flavor. Her favorite choice in food is Popeye’s chicken. That is a great choice, we must say!

2. Did you know, Beyonce was bullied at school? During her grade school, her classmates used to taunt her for her big ears. She stated in an interview that she often felt bad on those taunts. Well, we are sure now no one would taunt her for her sexy looks.

3. Beyonce is actually allergic to perfumes! You heard that right. She gets an allergy on applying any perfume. She has her own line of perfumes she endorses. Strange, isn’t it? Her favorite makeup product is mascara. She carries mascara wherever she goes.

4. Beyonce is highly influenced by Will Smith? Can you guess the reason? Well, she has learned the tricks of trade from him. She has also learned the skills of treating her fans in a right way from him. She had stated that Will told her to be cordial while having a fan encounter.

5. Beyonce is lucky because she got featured in the world’s youngest Forbes celeb list. She got featured when she was below thirty years of age. Now, that is quite an achievement of sorts. Beyonce, along with her husband Jay Z, also featured in top earning couples list. Now, that is quite a thing to be proud of.

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