11 Things You Didn’t Know About Adele

Things You Didn't Know About Adele

Adele, known for her original tracks, has created quite a stir in the music world. Adele is surely one talented singer and song writer who believes in hard work and commitment. Famous for her album 21 and songs like ‘Someone like you’, she has surely come a long way. Listed are here some things you didn’t known about Adele, read on.

1. Adele got her first big break/the first record deal when her friend posted her recorded video on Myspace.

2. Adele is famous in the music circle, but she is still scared of performing on the stage. She had quoted in an interview, that even today she gets that stage fright, every time she has a live concert.

3. Adele has a unique record on her name. She is perhaps the first singer who had three singles in the Billboard top 10 at the same time. In fact, her album is the biggest selling album till date. She is truly an amazing singer.

4. Adele has confessed that she has a major crush on Leonardo Dicaprio. She also likes Zach Galifianakis. Looks like she is truly smitten by the actors.

5. Adele stands firm on her talent. That is the reason she does not believe in the concept of looking like a pop icon. She believes that size does not matter, what matters is true voice and talent. She is the first overweight singer who has had a contract with XL records. Who says, singers should look glam! This proves the point.

6. Adele had quoted that ‘Someone like you’ is her favorite song. But, do you know that the song was not written in a studio. She wrote the song seated on her bed while she was waiting to have a bath. Great ideas strike in bed!

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