7 Things You can Steal from Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

Things You can Steal from Your Boyfriend's Wardrobe

All girls have the same problem – a wardrobe full of clothes, but we still don’t have anything to wear! Times like these, you can depend on your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Some of his clothes are total lifesavers when you are running short of cool options in your own closet. Here are some of his things that you can totally steal.

1. Boxers

The best nightwear option for girls, especially if you are staying over at his place unexpectedly. They are extremely comfortable to wear, and fit you easily.

2. Slim-fit shirts

Take his slim-fit shirts and wear them over your jeans or shorts in a knotted style to get a nice, chic, hippy and slightly tomboyish look. It is perfect when you’ve stayed over at his place the previous night and are running late to work the next day without a fresh change. Longer, printed shirts can also be worn as tube or halter dresses by tying the sleeves around the neck and getting your arms out from the collar area.

3. T-shirts

These are comfortable to wear at all times, whether to soccer matches or at home, or on a holiday. Most t-shirts available these days are unisex, and even if they aren’t, they are quite comfortable just the way they are in fit and size for your boyfriend.

4. Jackets

These are the best when you are traveling, or when you are feeling cold on your way back after a dinner. Getting into them gives a cozy feeling and makes you look sexy in his eyes in a different kind of way. Also, let’s admit it – oversized clothes have a different kind of comfort altogether.

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