7 Things You can Do to Reduce Cancer Risk Due to Cell Phone Use

Things You can Do to Reduce Cancer Risk Due to Cell Phone Use

Cell phones give out electromagnetic waves while connecting to satellites in order to enable communication. They function mainly by connecting with these satellites through radio waves or electromagnetic fields. These waves are strong enough to cause damage to the cells in our body after prolonged exposure. Since cell phones are always used near the ear, it is the brain that is at a higher risk than any other part of the body. Cell phones are also carried in the pocket and can cause harm to the lower abdomen region and reproductive organs in both men and women. Cell damage caused by these electromagnetic fields can sometimes result in cancer. So you must take necessary precautionary steps to limit such harmful exposure. Listed here are 7 things you can do to reduce cancer risk due to cell phone use.

1. Prefer texting over calling

Always give preference to texting or messaging over calling because while calling you inevitably expose yourself to electromagnetic transmissions which directly affect your brain. Only in cases where you have to discuss something extremely crucial or have to discuss something elaborately or in emergencies when there is no time to send a message, make a call. Otherwise, do not call to say something trivial or something that do not need to be communicated immediately. For elaborate telephonic conversation, try using landline phones whenever possible as they do not give out any harmful emissions.

2. Avoid using it when signal is weak

When you have a weak signal or limited network access, your cell phone constantly scans for available networks so as to connect with it. This increases its power to the maximum and emits more waves than usual which puts you at a higher risk. This also happens when you are moving at high speed in a vehicle, during which your cell phone tries to connect to a new relay antenna constantly. So you should avoid using the cell phone as much as you can while in a car or bus and when the signal is weak.

3. Keep it away from your body

Do not keep your phone close to your body like under the pillow or at the bedside table at night. You are exposed to the signals emitted by the cell phone constantly and for a longer duration at night while you are sleeping. Switch it off at night or keep it on flight mode which disables the phone’s connectivity with external satellites while keeping other offline functions like music player, inbuilt games and alarm clock active without giving out any harmful waves.

4. Limit exposure while carrying it

Of course, you must carry your cell phone with you as that is the purpose of carrying a cell phone in the first place. But try to keep it inside your handbag or purse instead of your pocket. Sometimes this may not be feasible so while you must put it in your pocket, ensure that the keypad side is turned towards your body while the backside of the cell phone is facing outwards. This makes the transmitted electromagnetic waves travel externally and move away from your body to connect to your device rather than through you.

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