10 Things without which Christmas is Incomplete

10 Things without which Christmas is Incomplete

The festival of Christmas is so larger than life that the spirits start pumping in as soon as the month of December starts. The streets get decorated. Families get together. Everyone makes merry! The spirit of Christmas takes over everyone and everything, sparing nobody! An estimated 1 of 3 people worldwide celebrate Christmas, including 2.1 billion Christians. It is one of the most celebrated festivals around the world. Here are some things without which Christmas is totally incomplete.

1. Rum Cake

The Christmas cake is so popular that it has become almost a year-long favorite variety of cake. Baking is one hell of a mania during the Christmas season. People who stay away from their home surely miss the cakes the most. And it becomes a valid reason to add as much liquor to the cake as one wants! Cakes bring so much happiness along with them, and one can find bakeries in the city loaded with them during the Christmas season.

2. Snow

Snow or a snowman or snowflakes or even fake snow… they all are essential for Christmas. It’s the presence of winters that makes Christmas an even more special festival. Building a snowman during Christmas is quite a fun thing to do. The chilly weather, noses turning red, throwing snow balls at each other and then to get cosy in red Christmas quilts to sip hot chocolate is what Christmas is all about!

3. Christmas presents

Do you know what the most expensive Christmas present ever is? It was the Statue of Liberty, which France gave to The United States of America. Christmas makes for the perfect occasion to give gifts to your loved ones. People plan their Christmas presents way in advance. Some families also play ‘Secret Santa’, which has its own element of surprise and fun for all the members.

4. The Christmas spirit

Now, this is an intangible thing. The spirit that is in the air during Christmas is quite obviously called the “Christmas spirit”. The whole world gets into the mood of joy and happiness to make merry. This spirit sets in the perfect mood for a wonderful holiday. A person who lacks this spirit during Christmas is not just grumpy, but if Charles Dickens is to be believed, then the ghost of your past might just visit you, reminding you of what you are missing out on.

5. Santa Claus

Talking about gifts, one cannot forget everyone’s favourite, Santa Claus! Kids sincerely write letters to Santa asking for their desired Christmas presents. Santa is this ever-so-lovable figure, who has the best laugh in the whole world. He is the reason most kids behave themselves the whole year! They know that Santa is always watching. He comes on Christmas Eve and always drops surprises in stockings that kids hang near their fire place. The anticipation for his arrival adds to the whole Christmas mania.

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