6 Things We Must Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Life

6 Things We Must Learn From Nelson Mandela's Life

Mandela is one of the greatest people who ever lived in the contemporary world. His life was an inspiration in itself and there are so many things that one must learn from him. He lead such a simple uncomplicated world surrounded by so much villainy and hatred and still managed to maintain his sanity, his calm and his hope and these are things that all of us should have if we want the world to be a better place. Here are a few of the many things that we must learn from Mandela’s life.

1. Humility

Once Mandela was released from the prison, the cause he fought for and his life and as a person became well known and famous around the world. He was also recognized around the world and many accolades and prizes came his way. In Spite of being revered by the world and by leaders around the country, Mandela maintained his humility throughout and that is something everyone must learn from him.

2. Love

Mandela preached not only Non-Violence but also taught people that they should love one another and not fight. Contempt breeds hatred and one should also not discriminate people based on their religion or most importantly their race and color.

3. Fighting Spirit

One more thing that we should learn from Mandela and his life is his fighting spirit. His never say die attitude and his long struggle both outside and from inside the prison stand testament to his spirit and that is another thing we need to learn from his life.

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