8 Things To Take Care About When You Date A Virgo Guy

5. Good hygiene

Virgos are hygienic in everything they do. They are like the cleanliness freak. So, you also have to keep the hygiene part in mind. Smell good all the time and your guy would be surely turned on by you. This is like the biggest trait they see while dating, you can also impress him by being hygienic.

6. Creativity shows

Virgos are art lovers and they love all sorts of creative things. If you make a hand written card for him, he would be more than happy. Original ideas and things attract Virgos. Your boyfriend will really appreciate things that you make for him. Even innovative cooking will impress him a lot.

7. No PDA please

Your boyfriend may not like public display of affection. But, this is not his fault, it is to do with the Virgo trait he has. Yes! Virgos are against all the displays of love and affection. As a result, he would not want to have a one night stand also. Most Virgo men believe in marriage, which is actually good.

8. Turn on point

If you want to impress your boyfriend whose a Virgo, then do remember the turn on. A Virgo man gets easily turned on by a tummy. Yes, it is like a sensitive zone for them. This is a secret of love making that you should remember to turn him on. Even light massages can turn him on easily.

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